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Trailblazer Research, formerly TouchScreen Marketing & Research, is a market research business with a significant difference - digital technology.  After 15 years we have rebranded to better reflect our emphasis on new and fresh qualitative (gaining insight from discussion) and quantitative (number crunching to identify patterns) technology-focused methodologies with their better reach to today's consumers.

When we originally started our niche research business we led the way with touchscreen research in New Zealand using our cornerstone kiosks for self-administered feedback and tablet PCs for interviewer-assisted research.

However times change and we are excited to continue our trailblazing trend by teaming up with UK business, VisionsLive to bring technologically advanced digital research tools such as Online Discussion Boards, tailored and personalised Online Chats and Forums, Online Focus Groups (using video chat, keyboard only or hybrid), Heat Maps, Online White Boards and H@tch Brainstorming Ideation to the New Zealand market.

Using these intuitive digital research tools, we are better positioned to provide richer and more meaningful insights by connecting directly with New Zealand consumers using their familiar and preferred methods of communication.

Our diverse client base continues to take advantage of our extensive range of services and ability to seamlessly combine methodologies together to provide them with a research project personalised to meet their needs.

Our Team

Rachel TSMR

rachel wells

General Manager

Terry TSMR

terry ellis


TSMR Research

katie ellis


Our Vision

Technology has always been a passion.  When we first introduced touchscreen research to New Zealand, touchscreens were a novelty and people queued to answer surveys on our kiosks.  Our continued use of cutting edge digital methodology reflects our ongoing vision to be creative, agile, forward thinking and always up for a challenge. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to take the guesswork out of important decisions and provide research businesses can rely on.  We work closely with our clients and design the best approach to meet their research goals.  We pride ourselves on our high standards and providing robust, reliable and auditable results for all of our clients regardless of their size or budget.

Our Projects

Our recent online discussion projects have been diverse - a multi-national looking to expand into new markets, a Government regulatory body seeking a better understanding of consumer behaviour, a manufacturer / exporter testing advertisement and label concepts and a retail department store segmenting their customer target market.  


Contact us

15 Dunmurry Place
Christchurch 8051
New Zealand



Running over 3 days meant I was able to take my time and answer the questions with care, and login numerous times when it suited me.

We tested our packaging and marketing materials and have since altered them based on the market feedback.

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this innovative approach!  I really enjoyed it.

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