Heat Maps

Heat Maps:

Heat maps can be used as a standalone research tool or incorporated as part of an online discussion board or online focus group project.

A heatmap is a tool used in market research to easily test any type of digital image. Each participant provides feedback on specific areas of the image identifying what they like, dislike and think about various aspects of the image

.  They then elaborate and explain their opinions to give them

Heat maps use colour to visualise data and provide visual storytelling.  They convey information that may otherwise be hard to determine.  Findings identify what consumers like best and least and provide direction regarding required changes to improve success. 

To understand where changes need to occur, heat maps are a highly effective way to gather feedback from consumers about labels, branding, advertising and promotion.

Heat maps are one of the fastest and most effective ways to gather feedback on new products and help to understand what consumers are looking for. Before the Launch of advertisements or social media promotions , specific feedback from heat maps c an lead to crucial graphic or text changes.

Information gathered from heat maps can be segmented to identify differences in opinions between groups.


When to use heatmaps:

  • Concept testing
  • Advertisement testing
  • New product testing
  • Packaging testing
  • Product marketing testing and optimisation
  • Brand development
  • Consumer testing
  • Logo testing



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We tested our packaging and marketing materials and have since altered them based on the market feedback.

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