How They Work

How They Work

How Online Discussions Work:

  • We work with our clients to identify the topics and questions to be asked in order to meet their research objectives.
  • Our moderator creates a structured discussion guide and sets up the questions for the private online discussion.
  • Questions can be scheduled to be released over the period of the discussion as topics evolve.
  • We use the same screening procedures as focus groups to recruit participants and they each receive private and protected access.
  • Participants login to respond to questions, answer single or multi-choice polls and join open discussion topics.
  • Each participant must provide input on every topic resulting in a rich in-depth discussion.
  • It is similar to a focus group concept but procedure-wise comparable to commenting on Facebook or LinkedIn. Once a participant responds to a question they can view other participant's posts and they are then encouraged to respond to these posts and interact and engage with other participants.
  • Our moderator actively interacts with each participant, reinforcing their efforts and probing and questioning their responses.
  • Participants log in each day to read and respond to questions and comments by other participants and the moderator.
  • Participants can upload documents, screenshots or images to illustrate their viewpoints.
  • Clients can observe the online discussion.
  • A full transcript of the discussion is available.

How Online Discussions Work in Pictures:

Procedure-wise posting and commenting is similar to the concept of Facebook and LinkedIn although the project is completed on our private and secure online discussion platform.


Groups of questions can be scheduled to be released throughout the research project:


Single or multiple-choice polls provide quantitative (numerical data) responses to key questions in order to support the free text discussion:


Once a poll is answered, there is the option to display the current poll results to date, on the participant's screen:


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Running over 3 days meant I was able to take my time and answer the questions with care, and login numerous times when it suited me.

We tested our packaging and marketing materials and have since altered them based on the market feedback.

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this innovative approach!  I really enjoyed it.

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